Solid Timber and Laminate worktops

We offer all of the standard fabrication services you would expect to find with these types of worktops. Such as butt and scribed joints (also known as mason mitre), radius ends, angled ends, hob & sink cut outs & application of edging to exposed ends to stop water ingress. For solid timber we offer belfast sink cut outs, drainer grooves and finishing. All of this is done to customer drawings. We are able to custom make any jig to suit the shape of worktop required. All of this is carried out by hand at our workshop in Newport to ensure the best quality finish. We offer template & installation service as well.

Corian & Solid surface

If you require a single length of Corian worktop, this can be manufactured to customer drawing and can include any of our fabrication services as listed below. Due to the products technical nature and specialised tooling required to work with these products, if the worktops require a site joint it is essential for us to carry out a template, in order to manufacture the worktops ready for installation. Fabrication includes:

  • Seamless sinks (many shapes, sizes and specifications available)
  • Selection of Drainer grooves
  • Anti drip waterfall edge (normally around sinks, to prevent water spillage)
  • Coved upstands & Square edge upstands
  • Seamless joints
  • Drop down seamless slab ends to floor
  • Hot rod bars (for hot pans to rest on)
  • Built in seamless window cills
  • Shaped ends, to any size and specification, round, angle etc...
  • Selection of Edge profiles
  • Sink & hob cut outs
  • Soap dish indentation for vanity worktops
  • Edge inlays
  • Splashbacks
  • Corian shower units
  • Chopping boards
  • Pastry mate

Corian has 3 different levels of finish. The final finish is applied to the worktops by us using only the best FESTOOL random orbital sander with dust extractor. Such tools are recommended by DuPont & CDUK to achieve the best finish possible. 

Customers can choose from:

  • Matt finish
  • Semi-Gloss finish
  • Gloss finish

We recommend a Semi-gloss finish. You achieve an impressive patina with this level of finish and will last a lifetime. Below are examples of the fabrication listed above, carried out by us on our customer's worktops.

Corian "Veined" Decors

Certain Corian and Solid surface colours are available with veins and random patterns, to imitate marble. These colours offer the ultimate luxury worktop. However, these colours require extra care and attention when joining together, so as to disguise the change in pattern.

We are the only Corian and solid surface fabricator in Newport that fabricates these decors using the S-Join technique shown below, in order to disguise the join. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers.